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Our Practice is rightfully named family dentistry because we cater to almost all of your family’s dental needs in one setting. With over 25 years of combined experience, Doctors Stein and Cullen look forward to providing you and your family with the highest quality dental care in a relaxed and friendly state-of-the-art office. The doctors are trained in the latest techniques and perform all necessary procedures, including root canals, pediatric dental care, orthodontics, or periodontal treatment. Our practice also offers a wide range of appointment times, including extended morning, evening and weekend hours. Emergency appointments are always available. 

Your comfort and dental health are our primary concern.

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Digital radiography is one of the most important new advances that our profession has seen in quite some time. This technology diminishes radiation by up to 90 %. A small sensor is utilized instead of the widely used film and a computer captures the image. This allows the doctor to enlarge and even manipulate the picture to better detect problems such as cavities, bone loss, infection, fractures, and much more.

Using this technology, problems are detected earlier than with traditional x-rays, therefore being less invasive and costly to treat. The ability to reduce the exposure of radiation to patients while increasing our diagnostic proficiency has completely changed our treatment planning capabilities. One other added benefit?  The reduction of the use of harsh chemicals and other waste materials associated with traditional x-rays is helpful to our environment. 


Intraoral Camera

It is much easier to understand what is happening in your mouth if you can see the problem on a computer monitor. Intraoral cameras allow the patient to view potential dental conditions in their own mouth. This image can also be utilized to provide information to insurance companies and dental specialists if necessary.

Rotary Endodontics

Rotary Endodontics, or root canal treatment, is a method by which the doctor utilizes an electric hand piece to perform the procedure. The electric hand piece allows the doctor to clean and shape the canals faster and more efficiently than using hand files. The end result is a root canal with an excellent long-term prognosis. Root canals can often be completed in one visit. 

Electronic Insurance Filing

Instead of the traditional method of filing insurance claims through the mail, we send your claim electronically; In doing so, claims are submitted more efficiently, with fewer errors. As a result, claims are submitted much faster and less claims are denied or returned.